Is that normal to have an audit score 99.99995% or how do I get the status back to 100%?

I have had the following status since the version 1.14.4 on one of my nodes. Before everything was at 100% and nothing has changed since then.

Is that normal or how do I get the status back to 100%? I don’t find any problems in the log.

What did you search for in the log ?

I am currently using the succesrate script.

What was the command to search a redirected log for incorrect audits etc.? Unfortunately, I only find commands for direct Docker logs.

You should search for “GET_AUDIT” and “failed” log lines in the log file. These are audit failures.

Yes. I meant how can I use the following command when I redirect the log?

docker logs storagenode 2>&1 | grep GET_AUDIT | grep failed


Found another way and also think of the cause.

But why has it only been this way since version 1.14.4? And why does the status not change after more than 2 weeks?

 cat <path to your log file> | grep failed | grep GET_AUDIT

It needs to pass more audits to get the % up and since you failed audits it will never be 100%. Audits are at random so you cannot predict as to when the audits might occur.


That is exactly what I have been looking for. Many thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:

No output after the command. I think the audit status came about a few months ago when I had a mount problem.

Ahhh okay so if i understand correctly the audit status will never grow to 100% again in the case of this node, right?
So far I thought that the status would grow back to 100 after weeks or months.

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Yes, that’s correct. Since audits are life long for your node, it might be 99.999999% but never 100%

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Except sometimes audit gets reset to 100% (shhh it’s a secret!)

i also have 99.99995 or whatever… i had some audits fail a couple of months back…

so it’s imo not an indication of a problem, but that you have had a problem a while back that now is seems to be okay… doesn’t take many failed audits for the score to drop.

i wouldn’t worry about it…

the only reason we can see it in the dashboard is because they change how accurately it shows the audit score… maybe a bit to accurately :smiley:

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Just for info: My status has increased to 100% with v1.15.3 :thinking:

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nah it’s most likely still there… now you just can’t see it because it’s irrelevant at that accuracy.

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i had the opposite issue. I´ve been having some problems in the last month, sometimes causing my node to be offline for several hours, can´t say how much but surely more than 5h /month.

Nevertheless, my audit scores are always 100%

not complaining here.

audit means corrupted data, no amount of downtime will affect your audit score…
takes 4 hours i think before the system will count your node as down and then maybe 72hr or maybe more i forget… could be like 8 or 12 days then you will get suspended for having downtime…

not sure if you suspension score will drop before it happens tho…

but yeah audit is data checks not related to downtime in anyway

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None of these timelines are correct for the new uptime system. The 4 hours only applies to when your node stops being selected for uploads and I’m not even sure that’s accurate anymore.

The new uptime system will only go into effect with the next update and it was previously mentioned that suspension would not yet be active. The threshold will initially be set at 288 hours unless that has changed.

If suspension for downtime is activated, you will have a week to fix the underlying issues, then a month to show that it is actually fixed. Your node will be under review during that time. If your uptime has recovered by the end of that month the suspension is lifted. If not, you get disqualified, which is permanent.

But I will repeat, those penalties are not yet in place.


ah right they didn’t activate the suspension at the 12 day (288hr)mark yet… one just got an email or something because they wanted to run a live test on the system before actually turning it on.

or thats how i remember it… totally forgot they didn’t fully activate it, my bad

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