Is that official?

Just wondering.

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If only you checked your messages


+1 please check your messages

I’ve asked.
Usually a brand has to be much bigger before they get bootleg fashion items lol. Idk

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In a way it’s free publicly, but I think I can predict what the lawyers would say. Trademarks need to be protected or you might lose exclusive rights to them. Bummer


They are showing the old logo we stopped using quite a while ago…

But it is legit? I mean can anyone use the logo/name/brand and sell “Storj” items for profit?

Well, yes and no. No one will prosecute them for doing it. But the logo and word mark are registered trademarks. Storj Labs could sue them over it. Even if they weren’t registered. It would just be a bit harder to prove it is your logo and word mark.

It’s also a lot harder to win those cases if you haven’t defended your trademarks in the past. Which is why lawyers usually won’t just let this slide.

Storj Labs would also have to prove that the infringement causes confusion… So I guess this topic would be part of the suit. Hello lawyers! :wave:

But most likely filing a cease and desist would be enough to make them stop. They would be insane if they took this blatant a trade mark infringement to court.

I am not a lawyer, this isn’t legal advise.


How they skirt the law here is that this is just an Internet search of images. You can search for anything and some images will appear that they will print for you. Probably somewhere in the fine print, you are agreeing that you own the picture/logo and that they accept no responsibility since they don’t host any of the photos/logos on their site. They are just the printing service.

How that would all hold up in court is another matter.