Is that recent capacity callapse real?

I hope this is a bug. Or is it time to leave the network?


Seems to be a bug. If you check the stats coming from the satellite directly:

Some of the stats became 0, on all satellites:
“storage_inline_bytes”: 0,
“storage_inline_segments”: 0,
“storage_remote_bytes”: 0,
“storage_remote_segments”: 0,
“storage_total_bytes”: 0,
“storage_total_segments”: 0

So the stat/satellites report 0 used storage, causing the issue/dip on the stats.
Let’s wait until the fix it :slight_smile:
The used storage did not decrease much, if you check the “storage_total_bytes_after_expansion”
Still reports around 5PB on ap1/38PB on us1 and 40PB for eu1 (around 30PB if you divide by the expansion rate of ~2.5)


Bug, 0 B on eu1 and us1


There is already a thread discussing this :point_down: