Is the Graceful Exit possible after only 6months?


The official documentation says that the SNO has to have joined the satellite for more than 15 months. It says also that this requirement was temporarily reduced to 6 months.

Is this still true (requirement = 6 months only).

Thanks a lot!

This is still true. The goal is 15 months, but currently at least 6 months.

Great news for me, thanks!

I’m leaving but don’t worry, I’ll come back :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, what’s up with your nodes that would require a graceful exit, and a fresh start from scratch later on? ^^

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After all, I didn’t have to graceully exit them. I just waited to be able to put them on again. I then just had to wait for the downtime score to go up.

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Same here
Started G.E. a couple of weeks ago, nearly done.
I really need to tare-down, rebuild and reorganize my NAS server and can’t do that while still full of Storj data.
I’ll defiantly get my nodes back online in a couple of months.

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