Is the identity process connected to a database


When I run
./identity_linux_amd64 authorize storagenode email:characterstring With a already used ident token I receive already claimed.

My question is how is this possibly is the a central database?

I set up two nodes. And signed my identity with different
Tokens but the same key generation process. Does this work. Because the 2 nodes seemed to be running

each key is checkd, yes there is some central database.

Each node must have an own signed unique identity.
If you will run more than a one node with the same identity it will be disqualified within minutes.

@Alexey yes i signed 2 nodes with different auth token but same files which are generated with the identity tool

Is the nodeid the same for both?
If yes - you can remove it and generate a two new identities. This one will be disqualified anyway.

@Alexey Yes i see it the node id was from both the same. I removed the scond node.

Shall I remove also the 1 node. Because Audit Check is still 100%

Please, use these scripts to see your audit score: Script for Audits stat by satellites
If it would be below 0.6 for the satellite, your node will be disqualified on that satellite

You must generate a different identity for each node. And use own authorization tokens to sign them

@Alexey Thanks score is on every sattelite 1. Strange but it works though I had double node

Perhaps you was in time and the satellite didn’t catch you :slight_smile:
Please, did not repeat this with more old node

No of course. Thanks for infos

Also, please, check your active identity: