Is the L1 ETH Address the same as in L2 zkSync?

I want to enalbe zkSync. I am wonderung. On the webpage zkSync Wallet | zkSync: secure, scalable crypto payments I connected my Ledger Nano X. And I see my L1 address is the same as my L2 address.

Is this correct?
If yes I guess I have just to enabel zkSync payout and it shall work.

Yes. That’s correct. The addresses are identical. This is due to the fact that the address is directly derived from the private key of the wallet and all L2 options are all running Ethereum blockchains or interface with Ethereum mainnet.

For more information see the following post on a randomly found Ethereum keys/addresses web page:

And that is why you should not create your own private key yourself from the top of your head.

The public key is derived from the private key using ECDSA.

From the private key the public key is derived. This is done with something called ECDSA or Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. How this exactly works is not important, just keep the following in mind: The public key is for the public, the private key is always only for you.

Okay, if I lost your attention somewhere along the way, that is the important part: There are the two keys: the public key and the private key.

But how can you get the Ethereum address now?

The Ethereum address are the first 20 bytes of the SHA3 hashed public key.

On Ethereum you take the public key and hash it with SHA3. Then you should get a 64 characters long string. That are 32 bytes. To get the final address take the last 40 characters or 20 bytes. These 20 bytes are the Ethereum address.

So I can just use my L1 address to make zkSync


Your address will be the same on all L2 Ethereum blockchains as well as zkSync.