Is there a graceful downtime notification?

I had a router failure earlier in the week and due to my wife having to work remotely we ran to store and bought a cheap piece of junk router to get back online.

Now my ‘real’ network gear is arriving today and I need to take things down again. I was wondering if there was a notification of ‘this node is going offline’ that I could flag to notify the network ahead of time vs ‘just yank the cord and plug it back in when done’.

I don’t expect to be down more than a couple of hours at worst, but I need to rack the router and fix the cabling / redeploy my provisioning and was just wondering if I had any graceful options. Since I had less than 30m to get my wife online things are a bit spaghettified and chucked around haphazardly and I need to clean that up :slight_smile:

There is no way to mark the node as being offline.
You are able to be offline for up to 12 days before being disqualify.
The 12 days is a sliding windows of 30 days.

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After 12 days offline it will be suspended, not disqualified.
But if it will not recover in the next week after that, it can be disqualified.