Is there a GUI Version for Uplink?

hi I am a C# WPF developer and I want to write tools for StorJ and for my first project I was wondering if a GUI Version of Uplink exists. If not then i will start with that. I will write the tools mostly for my own but I will share it on GitHub if anyone is interested.


Actually I, and maybe a large part of the PC gaming local area during the time, was astonished at how engaging a basic GUI with a few text and pictures could be. Just by squeezing buttons, composing in a couple of select words, and looking out for stacking bars one would be completely drenched by the thing was occurring. An astonishing degree of adrenaline would be delivered by a functioning follow to a hack, a basic tone which expansions in recurrence as a follow draws nearer to your neighborhood terminal.

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Hi @LamonChan ,

You might look at FileZilla and Duplicati.

Something that these two tools don’t allow is mounting a Storj bucket like a drive, so you may have interest in building something like this.

Please keep us posted !

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Yeah Sounds intesting and for that I have some Ideals that need some research and I will look in the new Windows apis because them can maybe help me with that. I keep you updated

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I would also like to ping you to these repos:
TopperDEL/ A .Net-wrapper to connect to the storj v3 network. (
TopperDEL/DokanNet.Tardigrade: A Dokany-Wrapper to access Storj/Tardigrade as a Windows-Drive (

You can mount a bucket to the folder with rclone mount though and use this mount with your OS almost as any drive.

Yes but I would make a more Native version for StorJ. Right now I am Researching for possible options how to implement that. And beside that I am working on an app to Parse the Logfile for own stats. The Log parse is based on your PowerShell succesrate script but it would not read the hole logfile at the start it will use FileStream to read every new line and handle that.

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Thx that will help. I will review the repos. Are you still working on DokanNet or is the project not longer maintained?

That is on my list but I cannot give any ETA currently. The current version is at least a good proof of concept (it works) but needs more polishing. And things like renaming of files leads to a complete download and reupload instead of using the new server-side-rename.

If it so then I think it is better that I contribute to the project ratter than to build something new


Yes, you can definitely do this! First try to bring it to work. You need Dokany installed. The next step would then be to extract the logic to convert uplink-object-listings to files and folders with a testable class. If that’s working then there needs to be a buffer implemented, so that files don’t need to be downloaded anytime if there are no chances in the cloud. And add server side rename.

Let me know if you need help. I hope to be able to work on the project again at around mid-april.


Any tool to monitor the uplink status?