Is there a guide to keeping node when reinstalling Windows?

Hi all, My node as been down a week or so. I’ve managed to solve the issue with windows but I needed to do a full reinstall. I’ve kept identity, config.yaml and data but I’m a little unsure how to restart node. I’ve searched forum but I cant seem to find a full guide. I’ve got 9tb stored so I’m wary of making a mistake. Any ideas guys?

I would recommend to copy your identity folder to the disk with data. The config.yaml can be backed up, but should not be restored. You may use it as a reference though.
After reinstall Windows, install storagenode using correct paths to your identity and data.
Then you may modify a new config with additional parameters, which you have added/modified in your old config. Please use Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code to edit it, the casual Notepad could break your config.
Do not forget to save your changes (do it explicitly) and restart the storagenode service after that, either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode
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to keep node, you need,data hdd, identitie, config and databases.
So sugest copy whole storj map to data drive, and identitie also there.
logs can be deleted.

This shouldn’t be a problem, if not, just backup your identity and data to an external disk (some are using he system drive for the node), after reinstalling windows, just reinstall the node aswell (win installer) and map the path of your data and identity to the right location, your node should start as usual. I personally have 2 folders on the storj drive “DATA” and “IDENTITY”, so wherever I move my Node, everything is together.

I think i’ve done it. But i’m puzzled as to why i don’t have any warnings for being offline. spoke to soon. I’ve got a suspension warning on all satellites. I’m at 29% online. is this recoverable?

for windows i found Primo cash software, testing now.
It makes cash in RAM.
I made it Read Only to prevent problems on power falure.
Server has 24GB ram, so 10 GB for cash not a problem.
dont know yet how to mesure is there any benefits from it.

Hi Stubbsey,

It will slowly rise in percentage as you remain online and your nodes will be fine. It will just take some time.