Is there a limit for used ports?

Can you use a port higher than 50000?

my provider changed rules, now i have to use ports above 55000, instead of 28967, and it does not work with storj at the moment, wonder why? the port is listening i cheked with listen.exe program, its working, but not with storj. (for the record im using gui storj for windows) I cant find, but i remembr some post from 2019 that there was limit of port number You can set for storagenode.exe, was it 1-50000? can You confirm?

have you changed port
contact.external-address: x.x.x.x:55000
server.address: :55000

otherwise it not work, also you can just change external addres to 55k+ port and make port switch on router nat to native port 28967on local LAN side.


shit, i forgot about that server.address: : part, seems to work now, thank You very much