Is there a live feed for the SNOs?

Is there a live feed available in which we—-the SNO ‘s (or anyone in particular)—-can see the total amount of PB that is currently in use by the Tardigrade network? An update more frequently than four times a year would help getting a better feeling for the network, allowing SNO’s to position themselves better with the extrapolated growth.

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We don’t have a live feed although we have had requests for a network dashboard. We have received a lot of good feedback from the community on the SNO dashboard and have incorporated a number of requested features. This may be an area for future exploration.


thanks for that answer @jtolio!

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Thank you for responses :slight_smile: Time flies when you are having fun! This concludes the time allotted for the hosted portion of the Q&A, and we’ll be closing out the threads shortly.

Thanks again for being with us during Town Hall

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