Is there a Storj Uplink Gateway own by Storj?

hi Gurus,
is there any Storj Gateway which owns by Storj which we could point to perform upload?
or the best practice is to setup my own Uplink gateway on local server to perform the task? thanks.

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Hi Zhi - you can sign up to beta test the STORJ Gateway here: Gateway MT beta: looking for testers

Documentation here:


tried setting up another account here …cant get it to work… im on asia network…

The Gateway-MT enabled only on a few satellites, the Asia-East-1 doesn’t have it yet.

I try to register a new acc on EI try to register a new acc on Europe…. Cant login stillurope…. Cant login still…

Could you elaborate where you cannot login? To the satellite? You need a new account there. The satellites are independent on each other. Thus you will need to create a new account.

getting wrong username password. but i have no issue login to asia satelite.
i tried setting up another email to use europe server, cant seems to work.

You should register on this satellite, i.e. - press the button Create an Account and confirm your email. Then you should be able to login.

already did twice. got the email but not email confirmation email. just bunch of links telling me to read about. and off cause, cc to activate 50gb storage or something.
however, cant login still.

I see. I think you did check your spam folder.
I’ll notify team that @ss.xom domain cannot receive emails from the satellite.

You can register using other email address, not from this domain. Seems your mail server bouncing confirmation emails for some reason.

my bad…
my email is as follow
Lzy at mightresources dot com

i have remove my email from the picture thats it .

Seems you successfully registered on Europe-West-1

hi Alexey,
yes i finally manage to register Europe-west-1. the mail was received correctly to confirm the email.
thanks :slight_smile:

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