Is there a way for me to get a small amount of gas to transfer tokens to ETH?

I have been operating a node and I now have 36 storj. I now want to transfer them to ETH with uniswap so I can play around with smart contacts now on the mainet. Do you have any sudgestions? My address is 0x7f74e503C3D333074c4D1413B25BB74c379C0E92. . Thanks!

The last transaction on the address was 154 days ago.

There is indeed about 36 STORJ in that address… and it looks like a legit node operator’s address. However, since the last transaction was 154 days ago… either the node operator is no longer a node operator or the wallet address changed for more recent months.

At current gas prices, you’ll need about $5.00 in ETH for a swap. That’s a bit much for a donation level at this time…

I suggest purchasing some ETH on an exchange.

That makes sense. I didn’t realize that the transaction fees are that much. Yes, I switched to another address a few months ago.

You’re going to need about $5.00 ETH in each address you have STORJ… If you have about $15 to $20 in each address, you’re probably much better off waiting until gas prices settle to a lower value.

However, it’s good to remember that if you exchanged your prior earned STORJ for ETH, it wouldn’t be worth $18 today. STORJ is probably a good investment anyway.

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