Is there a way to free up space?

Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to reduce SN space used, i set it to use all of the HDD but now i need some space for me and the node is full, what can i do?

Normally, no. You can set the node size to less than the used space so the node would not accept new files. Also, right now it seems that satellite stefan-benten is deleting files, so if you make the node not accept new ones you may free up some space.

However, under normal circumstances there is no way to free up space, other than reducing the node size and waiting for some client to delete his files (which may not happen).

for example, if i have 1TB allocated and used and i want 250gb do i just go in the config and change from 1TB to 750Gb? Will this action lead to disqualification?

When you change from 1TB to 750GB the only thing that will happen is that the node will not longer accept new files. The old ones will stay until the client decides to delete them. Which may never happen.
However, since right now one satellite is deleting lots of files you might get lucky and get some free space.


There is another option. You can set files to expire after a certain time. This is optional and probably doesn’t happen a lot. Though it was mentioned that this is planned to be used for future test data as well. Additionally they mentioned they will cycle the data a little bit more, so the chances of data actually being deleted may be a little higher in the future. Despite that you should still expect that to happen slowly.

Partial graceful exit is also a planned feature to allow nodes to reduce the size. But I don’t think it’s currently a priority.