Is there a way to see the average trash per day?

I’m wondering, if there is some way to measure the daily trash. At the moment I’m getting 50gb per day, as the node grows, more files are beeing stored. As there beeing stored more files, it is more likely that data isn’t needed anymore and gets deleted. When the node reaches a specific size, where daily trash and ingress are equal, the node will stop growing, and stagnate. Is there any way to track the daily trash amount, or is there some approximate percentage of the stored data, which get deleted? In the end I would like to get an approximation, where the limit for a node size, on a regular home (single ip Adress) is.

Thank you.

All information is in the log file and databases. You can parse it yourself, or use one of the existing graphing solutions, like this one, Log-Exporter for Prometheus with Grafana Dashboard to visualize it

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This is nearly impossible, it changes with user behavior. Sometimes real fast. No way to forsee something that also depends wich data your node holds. Today i have 10TB together and growing.