Is there a Windows client for StorJ/Tardigrade?

I’ve tried to check out for the Windows Client for StorJ/Tardigrade, is there any demo of that client or how is that done?

Hi Putte, do you mean to be a Storj Node Operator and store data? Or do you mean a client tool to rent storage space?

The client tool to rent data, I’m just curious :slight_smile:

Developer Documentation to set up Tardigrade on Windows (to store data) can be found at:

Storage Node Documentation to set up Storj on Windows (to monetize excess capacity) can be found at:

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There would have been fun to create a GUI for that client, maybe just a Powershell script that builds dialogs and browse function… Hope that I will be able to test this soon :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, I’ve started a Windows graphical user interface to make the use of the Uplink binary easier for those who are allergic to the console. It’s nothing revolutionary, is quite basic and still under development: I’m open to any feedback :wink: