Is there an error on the payout estimation?


My node just updated to version 1.1.1.
In the payout information.ation page, I can see this:

I assume that 75% of the total amount is kept as held amount. But my node exists since August 2019. So the shouldn’t be this held amount. Only 25% should be kept.

Is there an error on the total calculation estimation?

have the same problem or question mark!

it’s a new experimental feature, it will not be anywhere near 100% accurate for the next couple of months… after that if you still have issues, you should start to question it.

also its only an estimate… afaik

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how much are you storing for only 5 bucks a month? the calc shows a significantly higher payout for 500g, is the calc way way off?

I think there is an error because I store more than 2.7TB.

Where is this error ?

I can’t tell but since my node is running for about 8-9 months, held amount shouldn’t be 75%

Did you read the link I posted above ?

Yes, thanks.

Indeed, it says:

The held calculation is not working at all. On the us satellite I should be in the 0% and not 75% range. On saltlake the 75% would be correct but the amount is still 0.

Good day!
There is one problem with stats from payout information in dashboard - all satellites report that my node is in the network for one month only, while in reality node was working for quite a while. Is it a temporary error or is something wrong with my node? Thanks!

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