Is there any method for work, withiut using virtualization?

My processor doesn’t support virtualization feature, and docker erroring me about that
Is there any way to fix that? IMG-c90ba20db2f9b801077229423a2ffb8a-V

If your running windows you can install windows GUI version of storagenode. I don’t recommend using Docker with windows at all.

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Are you sure the processor doesn’t support virtualization ? for me it was an option in the boot up screen when I switch the machine on, which I had to enable.

What Processor do you have ? type msinfo32 into the start button, value of processor and baseboard version.

Most modern CPUs support this feature, but for some reason most motherboards disable it by default. Go into your BIOS and look for an option called something like:

  • CPU virtualization support
  • Intel VT-x
  • AMD-v

Enable whichever of these you find.

you dont need virtualization at all, window gui node, dont have overhead as systems on virtual machines and doker

Thanks for the answer. I’m going to install win gui:)

I have already checked BIOS, i did not find that option, i google my CPU on official intel webpage, and found out that my CPU doesn’t support that feature. That’s veryyy old pc, like 15 years old:)

Now, I’m just using windows gui instead of dock service

Anyway, thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using Intel Atom CPU D525
That’s my brother’s old PC
I have already checked BIOS for that option, but didn’t find that one

Yes! I have already find out about that way.
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: