Is there any node monitoring and alertin when it going offline?

Is there any node monitoring and alertin when it going offline?
On my othere location was power problem, ang node was about 24h offline, I got known about this only next day, would be great if there some monitoring and alorting when going offline.
Like on discord servers? Api is free, and can be instled on phone.


hello im unburing, because after few months of using uptimerobot i must say it generates too much false alerts.
Also im searching for solution to get a phone call alert.
Anyone can share solutions?

Edit: @donald.m.motsinger i dont have it often too, like few false alerts in a month, and thats too much. No internet down at all, i checked immediately and dashboard shows the node was online from many hours, but monitor emailed me its OFF,
i want more solution to try now…

I have no false alerts whatsoever. Maybe your Internet connection going down frequently causes the alerts.


I also have no problems with Uptimerobot. But there is still freshping as an alternative or PHPServer monitor as Selfhost Solution.

Professional solutions would be Zabbix, PandoraFMS, LibreNMS etc.

I personally use Zabbix for this.

One more thing, im searching for a phone call alert, cheap or free.
Because SMS is not enough in the night time to wake up.
And without the need of internet ON, coz it takes too much battery.
So it must be a normal GSM call.
i found Twilio can do “email 2 call” .

Solution proposal nr. 1

uptimerobot + mail + Twilio

Twilio can call You anywhere in the world,
You got 20$ for testing.
The problem:
it needs API commands.
I used Zapier, coz can be easily configured and connected to Twilio.

The problem:
Twilio can call You, but it will be expensive if outside the USA,
$ 0,165 for a 15 sec test call.

No matter You reject, pick up the call, or do nothing and it bounce off Your phone mailbox if its full. But i contacted twillio and they have said, there is something like “timeout” : see summary:


"(…)once the call is connected to the far end service provider - no matter it is connected to the actual person or voicemail (even when the vm inbox is full), it is an active connection. Our carrier charges Twilio for the call, and in turn we charge for the call too. To avoid that, you can make use of the Timeout parameter in your API code, so it only rings certain time before engaging the voicemail system. Please see:

So i hope, that with timeout, it can ring like 1 or 2 times only and don’t charge anything?
Zapier does not allow timeout settings in its api.
And Twilio can call You, but it will be expensive if outside the USA, (0,165$ for a 15 sec test call) also its a pain in you know what to set there a phone numebr from Your country (like really, in europe, they ask for scans like You were about to establish a bank account or a business) So i contacted twillio, and they said like mentioned above.

Mayby someone savvy can provide a solution? so we all can setup an email to call for email with topic: “Monitor is DOWN:”
(i forwarded the email to my zapier’s iner eamil addres, and its API triggers the twilio call every time it gets it)

Edit: i made it with python, it makes:
1 ring with timeout=‘5’
2 rings with timeout=“7”
and You don’t get charged!

You need to have twilio account here (my referal, thank You), and from Your twilio panel, fill the script with Your own data:

python script

#Download the helper library from
from import Client

#Your Account Sid and Auth Token from
#DANGER! This is insecure. See
auth_token = ‘your_auth_token’
client = Client(account_sid, auth_token)

call = client.calls.create(


Also You have to veryfie Your phone there, to be able to call it or sms.
Theres more examples for other languages : NODE.js, C#, PHP, Ruby, Java, Curl
(Just remmebr to add “timeout” parameter)


Now how to trigger it with email from uptimerobot?
mayby theres someway to put the script into google account and somehow set trigger by email someone did this before?

temporaty solution:
Zapier said they know they lack “timeout” parametere and many ppl asks but dont know the ETA. Also community admin answered:
“Zapier code steps can’t call external libraries, so you’d need to set this up on your own webserver and access via a webhook call.”
So You can use that phyton or other lang script with timeout, set email trigger on zapier, then use webkook call on zapier to trigger Your script, and Your script will trigger twilio, and You will get free call everytime when You get email with subject “Monitor is Down:”

very interesting.
is it enought to set a ping monitor on your ip on uptimerobot? or you need to go for the storj port?

Use the port. Works great!

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No, that wouldn’t be enough. First at all, your router will answer to the pings most likely and not the PC running the node. And even if the node is reachable from the Internet, the fact it is online wouldn’t mean that the node is up and running.

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I have several servers for various projects there, I have it connected by telegram for bots that you create, I do not know if there will be more options or will they be paid

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