Is there any program/bot that advice you when your node goes down?

I have a raspberry pi 4b with raspbian lite

This works great, it is free for the first 50 nodes and you can increase polling for a few $.

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It’s good to remember that Uptime robot is good for checking the port, but should not be relied upon as an complete indicator of node health or data accessibility.


ok thanks for the info

why it gets stuck at processing? i have been waiting for 5 minutes and it continues processing when i want to register

I am not sure what you mean… you are trying to register on UptimeRobot but it is stuck? Maybe try to refresh or use a different browser - I use Brave Browser and sometime Safari - rarely use Chrome or Firefox…

I use brave too
This is what happens

You might try to turn off cross-site tracker blocking just during registration (or use the ‘private window’ function just for registration).

It’s Google tag manager… it keeps track of your IP address too… So, private window or not, Google will send ads for whatever registering for uptimerobot is associated with…

I make it a point to use TOR if Google tag manager is required… or simply avoid such websites.

I tried with tor and with brave privete windows but happens the same problem

Could be the useragent…


If you want to sign up for the service, you’ll need to jump through the tracking cookie hoops.

I’ve not been successful signing up with UR either. Sign-up page gets stuck “Processing” regardless of Firefox or Chome (on Ubuntu 20 LTS)

Maybe worth trying on a smartphone just to register?

For what it’s worth, I use uptime robot with Brave just fine. But I registered a long time ago, probably with Chrome.

sometimes sites have trouble… try again later today, tomorrow or next week…
it happens…