Is there any way to determine if my node is still being vetted?

Title. There doesn’t seem to be any info about the node’s vetting status in the Web Dashboard, and I couldn’t find the requirements for a node to stop being vetted. TIA!

You can use this script to check your Audits:

If the success Auditrate is >100 your Node should be vetted.

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Better to request a storagenode API, since logs could be deleted during upgrade.

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Alexey, sorry for stupid question, but where do I enter this command (I am on Centos 7)? In terminal I got reply like “bash: jq: command not found…”

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In the terminal. But you need to install the jq first:

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum install jq -y

Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, langpacks
epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm | 15 kB 00:00
Examining /var/tmp/yum-root-Mzvnis/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm: epel-release-7-12.noarch
/var/tmp/yum-root-Mzvnis/epel-release-latest-7.noarch.rpm: does not update installed package.
Error: Nothing to do

That’s what I got(

Just proceed to the second command.

As I understand it, the first command adds a repository, which you already seem to have.

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Thanks to everyone, it works now! :blush:

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Script updated with the last API endpoint and output format:

for sat in `docker exec -i storagenode wget -qO - localhost:14002/api/sno | jq .satellites[].id -r`;
		docker exec -i storagenode wget -qO - localhost:14002/api/sno/satellite/$sat | jq .id,.audit; 

I get results like that:

  "totalCount": 12,
  "successCount": 12,
  "alpha": 9.733158334409895,
  "beta": 0,
  "unknownAlpha": 9.733158334409895,
  "unknownBeta": 0,
  "score": 1

What do these values refer to ? How I know if I am vetted regarding them ?

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If successCount reaches 100, your node is vetted.

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This was working perfectly before, but now i only get this instead of report:

wget: can’t connect to remote host ( Connection refused

Please, use this instead:

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How I know if the node was vetted or if it’s on vetting period?

root@storj:~# bash ./
Fetching satellite audits stat information. Please wait…
Sat ID: :
Unrecoverable Failed Audits: 0
Recoverable Failed Audits: 0
Successful Audits: 33

You need have 100 audits per satellite to be vetted