Is there Anyone develop a wordpress plug-in?

I wish some one can develop a plug-in for Wordpress.

I also would love to see a Wordpress plugin, especially considering how widespread the adoption of WP still is… hmm…

Not just Wordpress:

Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3

I guess these are the main players.

Would be a another nice community project.

I agree , it would be. Maybe a community hackathon is in order?

I believe a ‘hackathon’ around Storj DCS is really needed. Maybe with a bounty in Storj for the best outcomes.

I’m open to this! The timing is sure perfect for such an adventure

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Just found that for Joomla: JA Amazon S3, by JoomlArt - Joomla Extension Directory

Maybe to hit them up for Storj Development?

That type of plugin usually need a lot of maintenance to keep up with Wordpress updates and make sure there is nothing breaking. The results of a hackaton are often short lived and rarely maintained, so I’m not sure it would be the right solution.

Storj already has a S3 gateway, and Wordpress (and other platforms) already have multiple S3 plugins, why not just write up the documentation to connect them together? I believe the documentation to set up the S3 gateway is already up, so the only thing missing is the documentation to point a Wordpress plugin to that gateway.

See this : How to Get MinIO and Other S3-Compatible Storage Providers to Work with WP Offload Media



If there’s any other storage providers, or tasks you’d like me to try and accomplish with WP Offload Media’s filters, let me know, I’m always up for a challenge!

Seems like a person Storj should talk to and could result in a nice article about Storj DCS.

The question is, if such things could be done as community work, including maintenance, maybe incentivized by Storj.

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Awesome! I found this doc that may be handy and am down for a community hack here.

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Does it use Storj DCS as a backend?
I did not found any information about this. In such a case your post just a promotion of unrelated product.