Is there difference for STORJ network to run 2 nodes at same IP with different ports or at different IPs within same /24 network?

Is there a difference for node filling, whether two or more nodes will be located on the same IP address, but on different ports or on different IP addresses within the same /24 network?

No difference. Within the same /24 will always share ingress among all nodes.


Hi there Bright!

What happen with egress? Is egress shared between nodes with same IP? I know is a kinda fool question but i have 2 nodes in separated /24 IP and want to know what happen if a move into same /24; i know they will share ingress but i want to know about egress

Thanks on advance

Egress is related to the data on your node. So it doesn’t matter where that node is hosted. It’ll keep the same data and thus the same egress. With one small exception. If both nodes happen to share a piece of the same segment, they won’t be selected at the same time for download. This impact will be negligible though and it’s only true for data that was already on the nodes prior to moving them to the same /24. For new data Storj will never send multiple pieces of the same segment to the same /24.