Is there money to be made? Total noob,over

I have 30 TB of unused space, distributed on 5 brand new disks.
Can I use these as storage in your system?

My internet speed:
Mbps download 45.9
Mbps upload 47.4
Maybe I need to upgrade this?

I live in a fairly stable part of the world, (norway) and power outages are rare. I have had 2 fractures in 15 years.

Will I be financially responsible for any downtime on the server?

Will I be able to make some money on this, and will it be able to cover the power costs of the disks and PCs?
Can software be run from one or more new raspberry pi’s?

maybe this is kids questions in the big boys legue. i dont know. just liked your project.

(have not read the FAQ yet, just a little exited)


Hello @Kristian ,
Welcome to the forum!

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This is sufficient for now.

You will be disqualified for prolonged downtime and some amount of your payment may be held back to cover the costs on the network side. You can not lose money in this project, if that is what your question was aimed at.

Use the linked earnings calculator for that. The best way is to start with this project in order to have some fun and learn a bit instead of hoping to get mad rich. Some of us here have made some good money tho.


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Well, I guess we can say that you’re not gonna owe Storj any money (unless you do something really stupid that makes them sue you or something :wink:)

But if your setup costs more money to run (electricity costs, hardware, rent, crypto taxes and whatnot…) than what Storj gets you, then you may lose money. In theory.
Just do the maths before starting :slight_smile:


This is indeed a better way of saying it :slight_smile: