Is there something broken in 1.25.2 version?

ufter update my TB*h per day is 2 time less than before, but storage ammount not changed so much for last 2 days. I see this behaver on several nodes.

Also something broken here, cant load picture here. show some AWS problem

Hey @Vadim

We had some issues with Saltlake and Europe North satellites. Things related to storage amount might be showing inaccurate values but missing GBh should be added soon to the following day.


Thanks for reply, will check it.

just to confirm, this does not appear to be related to that newest version, seeing it on all of my 1.24.x nodes.

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Looks like that got resolved:

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this is the usual issue with this graph, it’s unstable, unreliable and basically useless…

some days the data computation is moved from one day to another because of some overlap of whatever… it’s not an issue, it wasn’t resolved its just how the graph works because nobody bothered making it in a proper way yet…

only been complaining about it since i started a year ago lol
seems its a bit less noticeable since the stress tests ended…
but it still does this… and i don’t understand why we cannot just get a plotted avg instead…

annoys me so much that we have a graph that basically just confuses more people that it helps.
and not because it’s difficult to read… oh no… its straight up wrong

so why is it there… sure it would be kinda useful information if it actually worked…

but its like a speedometer that shows in accurate speeds… which makes it more a hazard than a help.
ofc SNO’s being wrong about this graph doesn’t mean anything… or aside form wasting everybodies time…

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It’s not bound to the version, on my v1.24.4 it had the same issues (showing low and then a spike) … But all good :slight_smile: