ISP Compatibility Tracker

Current ISP:

Country ISP Allow TCP Limited Bandwidth Fixed / Dynamic IP Comments
USA MetroNet Yes Unlimited 1Gbps up/down Fixed (Static) Had to request a static IP upon installation

Old ISP:

Country ISP Allow TCP Limited Bandwidth Fixed / Dynamic IP Comments
USA Spectrum Yes Unlimited 200Mbps down/20Mbps up Dynamic IP (I think, although I just used a DDNS service) No problem
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Country: Canada
ISP: Telus Fiber
Allow TCP redirect for storj port on router: Maybe, I am using my own pfSense router and have bypassed the ISP one.
Limited Bandwidth: Unlimited
Fixed /dynamic IP: Dynamic for home users
I have 750/750 and hated the restricted modem you get. After a little research I just setup a vlan on my switch and now I’m pulling 3 public IPs. One for the TVs on the old crappy modem, one for my network, and one for a storj host with a pfSense firewall.

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Germany, Vodafone Cable, Yes, Unlimited, CGNAT but Dynamic IP with bridge mode using own router, No problems

Country: Canada
ISP: Bell Canada FTTH
Allow TCP Port Forwarding: Yes
Limited Bandwidth: Unlimited (Plan Dependent)
Fixed / Dynamic IP: Dynamic
Comments: 1000/750 Service. Have used up to 2TB of data/month with no issues or slowdowns.

Germany, EWETEL, Port forwarding yes, Unlimited, Dynamic IP, no problems :ok_hand:

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Sorry to necro, but I did update the original post with an update to Xfinity’s Unlimited Data extra charge (though I did note that it can vary based on where you live). I also recommend not using their xFi complete package as the integrated “advanced security” can cause problems.



ISP: TIM aka Telecom Italia (Private Customer)
Type: GPON FTTH 1000/300 mbps. Unlimited & Unmetered
PF: Yes
IP: Dynamic (Static only for Business)


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