ISP (Frontier) Port Throttling Causes Storj Node to Fail

Recently I switched ISPs from Spectrum to Frontier. Everything was working fine for about 2 months with Spectrum but about 2 weeks after switching to Frontier I got an email alert from Storj that QUIC had been misconfigured, although the status was Online.

Nothing with my setup had changed software side so I started checking my network. Everything checked out. DNS forwarded correctly, Port Forwarding verified with a Port Checker - Pings were good. Fortunately, I still had my equipment from my old ISP connected and working so I switched my WAN over to my old ISP and waited for my DNS to forward to my new IP. About 3 mins later everything went back online and the issue was resolved.

So, in short, Frontier Fiber shapes your connection, and they do it without warning. I’ll be moving back to my old provider as soon as the contract runs out. In the meantime I’d love to hear if any of you have some solutions.

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Check your ISPs modem/router for intrusion detection and DDoS protection settings. My ISP switched those on silently and caused all sorts of slowdowns on my nodes.

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