ISP home bandwidth issues with large storage capacities?

Are there possible ISP issues with running Storj from home? I have a 200 mbps home Internet service from AT&T (and also a Comcast account). Is there a point where this could start to become a bottleneck, or where the ISP might get angry? I was thinking of starting out with 30-60TB, but then let’s say I later decided to set up a few of my other computers with bigger hard drives and bumped that up to 800 TB of storage? Is there any practical limit here? And why is it advised to NOT intentionally go out and buy hard drives just for the sake of Storj? Is the concern that Storj will change the business model and stop paying enough to make it worthwhile or something? Just wondering. Thanks!

First of all the network connection is good.
Now the second thing is that you need a public IPv4 address for the best performance.

And start small. It takes long time to fill 30-60TB like a few years. It would be sensible to set up one node fill it up and start a new one or upgrade the old one.

I’m not sure what to answer for the limit. Technically there isn’t one but practically I heard the number 40TB it comes down to ingress and deletion rates.

I’d say in theory your ISP could notice and throttle your ports. But it really depends on your contract and the policy of your provider and their terms of service. They might restrict over use, sometimes labelled as “fair use” policy or commercial like use if it is a private line.

Before setting up such a massive storage quantity, you should make yourself familiar with the current network status. Though we don’t know specific details it is generally assumed in the community that most of the traffic on the network is still test data with only few customers. One of my node had its peak of ingress traffic at 25 GB in a day this month. So setting up 60 TB obviously won’t fill up for a very long time at such a rate.
That is why it is not recommended to invest in hardware and huge storage capacities: Few customers and low utilization currently so it takes long time to fill up and pay off. It is absolutely no problem to grow with storage space demand, you are free to increase your provided space any time or even set up new nodes.

We hope that the new hires in marketing/business development will help to get more and hopefully big customers on board.

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