Issue deleteing my sample Library from storj please help

Hi everyone, happy New Year. As many of you may know I’m totally blind, I make electronic music and have a library of samples that I’ve collected over the years. I’m running macOS Monterey and using mountain duck I decided to back up the library to storj now I want to delete the library, but when I go to delete it on macOS it says that it can’t be deleted because some items are locked when I delete it using the web interface I click delete but it’s still there and nothing appears to change. does anyone know what the issue could be please? Am I doing something wrong? If so what am I doing wrong. If somebody could help me with this that would be much appreciated thank you very much everyone and happy New Year.

Hi trey31 and happy New Year too!

I wonder if the problem you are facing does not come from having encrypted objects with a different passphrase, or pending objects.

Are you able to use the uplink CLI? (Uploading Your First Object CLI - Storj DCS Docs for a tutorial on how to use it). With this, you could try:
uplink rb --force sj://yourbucket

Hope it helps!


hi i’m guessing somethings pending as i’m using the correct password. i don’t like using the command line is there any chance i could resulve thisusing the browser? thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s possible to do this through the UI. The good news is that if it’s really a pending object problem, it should get automatically deleted a day after the last uploaded segment.

So maybe if you try now, it will work :slight_smile: