Issue deleting directory with space with Filezilla


I can not delete directory with spaces in the name when using FileZilla. Have somebody the same pro?

I suppose you are trying to access your Tardigrade bucket.

Are you sure you created a such bucket on it? I thought it wouldn’t be allowed to create a bucket with spaces…

No. I mean not the bucket I mean the directory in the bucket

Could you post screenshots of your error?

Maybe it will be necessary to delete it by using backslash before the space character in order to escape it… Idk

There is no error message in FileZilla. However with the s3 cli I was able to remove. Maybe the FileZilla implementation is buggy

So could you explain exactly what actions you did and what results you get?

If you can write down a reproducer, that would be very helpful for us to troubleshoot this.
Thank you in advance!

I can not reproduce. The folders where created with QNPA HBS. I will try again

I can reproduce. You have to create with QNAP NAS a backup job. Set size to 32MB.
When you forgott to give the job a name. The name of the Job is by default Backup 2 in my case.

Then try to delete teh Bucket with Filezilla. Doesnt work. Then try to delete the folder doesnt work. → dead Lock with FileZilla