Issue with Dec21 zkSync payment cycle?

Hi Storjlings,

Noticed that the zkSync payment process hung a few hours ago ? after being pumped with 9250 Storj in preparation for pay-out ? only a handful of wallets have been paid - wasn’t sure if there was an issue with the chain, as I thought Auth only took a few seconds ?

Just curious if there is a technical issue currently with the process, and if so how many hours until you expect to have it resolved ?

Sorry for asking, but now after moving to L2 I thought the payments were all instant, as no gas fees to worry about like with L1 ?

Thanks CP :heart:

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That doesn’t look like payouts at all. It’s just transactions going back and forth between the same 2 addresses. Must be some kind of test going on.

TLDR; ZkSync payout has not yet been started. But will be paid out on time.

Longer version: There is an ongoing effort to improve the payout system to make zksync payments easier, faster and less error-prone. As ZkSync doesn’t have a full-featured go sdk, the complexity of the payout system was higher until now (different stack handled the payout to different chains).

What you can see (nice catch BTW) is the final testing of the new payment processor on mainnet with a small amount of money (which is paid back during the tests). But so far it seems to be working well…


This is the process before they payout to everyone.

it seems that there is no))
somewhere lost nonce 8742

Yep 8742 lost, last transaction had nonce 8741 below;

then jumped to 8743, which is being rejected along with all the other transactions as out of sequence.

Hmm, maybe a test between Storj and Matter-Labs to test Nonce level auth and validation ? Would be interesting to know, as no public notice - I’m assuming the fee on the transactions is lost ? so seems expensive way of testing :slight_smile:


Fee: STORJ 0.36

I mean… as company costs go… I wouldn’t worry about just 15 of those. You’d waste more company money if you take a long lunch one day :sweat_smile:


Looks like the fixed whatever issues they had. The zkScan payments have been sent out.

I received my payment an hour ago.

Might not be complete yet - haven’t got mine at the moment.

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Looks like they broke part way through. “Not enough balance” is the error listed… LOL!!!
Someone didn’t do the checks they should have…

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Received my payment finally but it appears Numio has now gone off line completely.