Issues connecting to the gateway

Hello. I’ve recently started having an issue connecting to the S3 gateway from some of my servers, the connection just timeouts. Some servers are still able to connect; is it possible that some of my IPs are blocked by the storj, or should I contact my hosting provider about FW, etc. Everything worked fine until now.

Here are some tests results

  1. openssl s_client -connect -servername

405791C1C47F0000:error:8000006E:system library:BIO_connect:Connection timed out:…/crypto/bio/bio_sock2.c:125:calling connect()
405791C1C47F0000:error:10000067:BIO routines:BIO_connect:connect error:…/crypto/bio/bio_sock2.c:127:

  1. traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1-30 * * *

  2. ping is 100% loss

Hi @gabriel ,
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I’ve forwarded your question internally and someone will return with answers for you.

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Do you get the same with traceroute --icmp? I would expect some hops to show on your traceroute along the way to storj even if you were blocked.

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Thanks for the fast replies, issue seems to be resolved with the hosting provider (or by itself). I’ll make another thread, or update this one, if we face it again