Issues with storj node

I have the following error for all the satellites:

ERROR contact:service ping satellite failed

I check my firewall setting. I pinged the port and ip from the internet and it works. I update the storj software. I am not sure what is causing this issue.

How did you ping the port? Did you open your storagenode host:port in a web browser? Do you have any errors in the log?

On the node are you able to do: ping
And if so, is this also running: ping

Did you already reboot your node?
Are you really sure portforwarding is right?
No change of IP-address by your ISP?

I used on online scanner. I entered the ip and the port.

yes, I can ping from the node macheine
Yes, I rebooted multiple times
The port forwarding was working before and the scan indicates it is still working.
I had a power outage and my ip changed but I update my ip to match. I didn’t have time to set up a domain name yet.

Also pinging did work out?
Did you double check the IP and port-number?
Why not using duckdns or something alike?
What is your docker statement, of do you have another setup?

yes, I can ping google.
yes the port 28967 is forwarded.
duckdns seems nice. I will try it once I get my node back online!
It is not in docker, it is directly on windows 10. I do not have another set up.

Please use this check-list:
States the same IPv4 you’re using?