It looks like my files have been lost

Uplink does not work for me:
with setup:

or with access key: image
or web access:

What is even more strange is that this problem is only with one project. And it is in this project that a very important backup is stored.

Lost files should not happen. Do you believe the network has lost them or is it a matter of accessing them?
Anyway maybe pinging @Alexey may help.
Also there is always Submit a request – Storj DCS where you could submit a request.

I don’t care if she lost them or lost access. No access to files (more precisely, only to 1 project) = files are lost. I have already left the request, but the support does not work because they do not respond to me… By the way! My files have already been lost, but then there was version 2 of the network

Well I’d believe if files are lost from the network, it is probably impossible to recover them, while if just the access has been lost, there might be a chance somehow to reestablish it. Anyway an official response would be good, as the claim of lost files is very serious. The entire business model relies on not losing files:

So maybe pinging @thepaul as well.

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Yes, I understand this because I am a node operator too. Just looking from the client’s side, it looks like this: there is no access to only one project, which means there is no access to its files. If I don’t have access to the files for a reasonable time, then they are considered lost for me. Imagine a situation: you need to urgently download an important backup, and the file is unavailable and support does not respond.

Yes of course for the customer in both ways the files seem lost. But from a technical side, it might be a huge difference, if the network has in fact lost them or if there is an issue accessing them.


Hi there,

Can you tell me if you have any output from

uplink ls --encrypted

.\uplink ls --encrypted
<< Error: uplink: too many requests

Yay! My backup is available now and downloaded :slight_smile: