It's Alive and back online

So my node went offline for some reason back in July and I couldn’t figure out what was the issue. I just updated my router’s firmware and was surprised to see an email from Uptime Robot my Port is listening… I am suspended on all the Satellites but still have 6.4 TB of used space and $244 held amount. Please advise if I keep the node online, will it be reactivated? Thanks.

If you didnt get the held amount already your not going to be getting it. At least from one satellite that had the biggest held amount… Has your node been offline since july?

As I have mentioned, yes, it has been offline. The question was if it will be reactivated or do I need a new account.

Well since DQ hasnt been enabled yet im pretty sure the 6TB worth of space has already been repaired so it will all goto trash now. But you should be able to continue it.

Ok, thank you. Will see how it goes

But for the held amount for Stefan-Benten satellite you should have already gotten the held amount, so if your node was offline during that time that held amount is gone.

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Well… the Node was offline but not my wallet which has always been open for incoming STORJ :slight_smile:

Yeah that doesnt matter Stephan satellite shutdown already and everyone who had a held amount got it back as long as there node was online.

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cool nice sweet

@IvanPHL Looks like you’re pretty much in the same situation as @ColdSpirit, you could check their thread:

Your node should recover but you’re lucky DQ is not enabled yet for being offline :slight_smile:
Make sure your Node is up-to-date, stays online and watch your online scores, they should slowly recover (within ~30 days).


It will recover but I kinda feel salty that I had my node up and running for like a year, then the most paying test-node has been discontinued and all the rewards are lost so I kinda don’t get paid for being participating in that test. I do understand it was online but would kinda make sense to send the STORJ to everyone who participated before ending the server. Does that make any sense?

You can’t expect to get paid for a node that hasnt been online for months, be happy it wasn’t DQed cause if they enabled DQ for offline it would have been a total loss.


I will update the thread in 2 / 3 days!
It is already recoving and it is almost 50% recovered on all satellites =)