Its possible to use my Synology as node hosting?

I Have just joined as Node Operator, and what I want is add my Synology with around 40TB+ to the network, but I can only find a QNAP software, and not Synology software.

Is there some way to get this up and running, I all ready joined with 3TB of storage for now to test it out, but I have planning to upgrade more.

I’m on 1000/500 mbit internet line, so I have enough speed to share.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Are you able to SSH as root into the Synology?
If so then you could potentially install the required software yourself? I’ve done so in a few ReadyNAS devices (both intel and ARM architectures) with great success…

Thanks a lot, sound cool - Did you have a guide for this I can read up for? :slight_smile:

Follow STORJ official install guide:

Skip the docker install step, instead install docker from Synology ‘Package Center’. Everything else in the install guide is the same for Synology as for Linux.

Thanks a lot, I will try it out :slight_smile:

Just to info! i got it to work! on Docker for my Synology now i have added 20TB as try,can add more to the network if needed ^^

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That’s fantastic! Welcome to the gang!
Realistically, it’ll take you a LONG time to fill those 20TB (we’re talking years!) so just “set it and forget it” and just keep an eye to make sure it’s running and updating itself. :slight_smile:


The network needs customers…

Honestly I have trying to create account, use its easy and get up and running but its wokring very “un human” to do, I’m ad software developer and still not get the point how to easy start and get running.

I’m go to object, do somthing and lock my self out XD and now, i have giving a little up to research more on it, donno about to contact the support or wat?

I wish its posibule to use like AWS S3 as bucket to content for my website eg. thats will be a nice way to do, and very cool way to get a lots of people on-board.

I’m truly sorry but I’m not sure I understood the gist of your message.
Are you having some sort of difficulty running your node?

No, now its running as it shut be :slight_smile:

But to use Storj as developer is more complicated to do and i think if there will be easyer there will be more customers on the network ofc, :slight_smile:

As a developer I don’t know how it works. Using STORJ as a end-user with a service like using STORJ is as simple as a couple of clicks. I back up my Synology servers to filebase and use Synology cloudsync for live data. This uses the Synology S3 interface.

Very cool did not know the i will look on it, I look for nice way to backup my Synology data to STORJ. Thanks so much