I've almost loose my node

The problem I’ve got in unappropriated working of Storj Toolbox by Vadim:
in a process of installation of 2nd node, the 1st one had lost a bandwidth and I’ve discovered this messy fact in a couple of days.
The GUI dashboard give an Online status and after continuing to install of node and not get a goal I’ve restarted the system and discovered that 1st one is Offline.
Tried to uninstall and install Storj GUI - get some message during installation that there is some error in software package.
Reinstall Windows fully 4 times, but the error of Storj GUI installation still exist and the installation not complete.
I’ve get back to Docker and the Node got online (hope that status Online is really Online of node).
So in sum of all text:

  1. the Storj Toolbox is raw and send you in unexpected journey with a risks of loosing a node.
  2. maybe there is a error in current Storj win gui installation package.
  3. don’t know current node stats cause of Docker modest dashboard statistics.

please describe how did you lost bandwidth on first node, what settings did you used?
what ports did you used on first node and second node?

I’ve used +1 to port of second node and forwarded the same port on router.
In Toolbox installation I’ve get +2 nodes in dashboard and +2 in win “Services”.
According to GUI dash the bandwidth is lost right after the installation in Toolbox (i.e. 22:00 of Friday installation and loosing bandwidth the same time).
Don’t know how it happen.

how did you made additional indentities?

did you made own port forward on router for every node?

I’ve already got the entity called: “Storagenode”
opened the Toolbox:

Unic identity path: “path_to_2nd identity_in_diff_location_than_1st”
Node ext port: “ip:28968”
erc20 wallet: “the_same_as_1st”
email: “diff_than_1st_where_token_received”
storage path: “diff_than_1st_diff_disk”
server prv address: “left as”
click install.
That’s all as far as I remember.

PS got troubleshoot with port, added to exclusions in firewall
PPS after clean reinstallation can’t install Storj WIN GUI

the same message I’ve received

start from 1.10.1 wingui installer is breked, so need to use 1.9.5 version.

i am not realy understand how did you lost bandwidth on first node.
it is only posible if you exidently switched your 28967 to 29868 or port forward stoped to work.
or secong big error that people
when generating indentity thay use default location of this indentity to node, and then start generate second and rewrite first one. So thay start to have 2 nodes with 1 id.

I think there is 2nd big error: people, i.e. me.
If something can be misunderstood and broken I can do it in a haste.
But there is not clear installment through the Toolbox and I’ve post my experience.
There is no goal to blame anybody but me in that case.

I want to understand what gone wrong, to make it better.

where can I get the 1.9.5 version?

I know, but there is no vision how it happen.
Only can describe parameters and what I’ve done in that installation.
Sorry that can’t help for now.
Try to repeat on different ps

like here https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/tag/v1.9.5

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It was in the link I posted :frowning:


Oh, thanks alot try to fill in in a week.
PS очень забавно что в переписке несколько русских ребят пытаются понять друг друга на неродном языке :wink:

You can use an online port checker to make sure the node is reachable from the internet, if you don’t trust the dashboard output.