Error Message during initial setup

Hello to all in the Storj Community,
I saw this problem on another page but I couldn’t follow the posts that gave a complete solutioin.

Storj V3 Storage Node Setup

      There is a problen with this Windows Installer pakage. A
       a program run as part of the setup did not finish as
       expected. Contact your support personnel or package

I have spent hours trying to research the problem, removing and reloading files. Going over multiple times the Docs for setup.

I also have another problem with the setup. My ISP has set aside a static IP with an open port 28967. The Port testing program will not recognize the open port on the IP that was assigned nor will it recognize the 28967 port on the IP address assigned by No-IP. However the testing program will recognize port 80 as open on the address assigned by No-IP. Do I have to use 28967 or can I use port 80?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a bug with latest release of the setup. Try using 1.9.5 from here

You should use this instead

Also unless your node software is up the port will be shown as closed.

Do update this thread on any further issues. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply.
Made several attempts to install from the github link without success. Same error message. At one time last night I had Storj running but that has also shut down and it is no longer found in my Windows Start Menu. I have been using the “yougetsignal” program all along. I’m sure there is a solution somewhere but after several hours of reading and watching I have reached a point of frustration and confusion. Boy…those youtube videos make it look so easy. I have no idea where to go from here.

Remove the folder "C:\Program Files\Storj` then reinstall from 1.9.5

It seemed to install past the error message screen but when the Node Dashboard opened there was nothing but a blank screen.

Did you enter all the details as instructed ? Make sure you enter your No-IP in ip:port format. Show a screenshot of the issue.

Yes, IP was entered as I changed the 1 TB to 5 TB. Everything else was entered as directed.

Is that a static IP ?

Yes, that’s the one that I got from No-IP.

Noip dont give you static ip, it give you name reference to your curent ip, but you ned update it with software or setup in router

I was given a static IP address from my ISP and an open port 28967 but the “yougetsignal” could not recognize it as open. I called my ISP again and was assured that it was open. So is the ip assigned from noip not usable? My router is inaccessable through a web browser, it is only changable through Tech Support from my ISP.

You won’t need No-IP since you have static ip and its showing as open. This means your node is up and running. What blank page are you seeing though?

http://localhost:14002/ is what is showing in the browser. This is like a web page with nothing showing. This is coming up in Internet Explorer, is this the right browser? Just to clarify, “yougetsignal” does not show anything that is open except the IP address which is indicated while running DUC and port 28967. The port tester doesn’t show port 80 or 28967 open on my static IP address.

Use Chrome/Firefox or Edge not IE

I’m not sure how to make that happen, it came up automatically when I clicked on the icon. I’m runninf Chrome for all my web browsing.

I uninstalled IE and restarted the node, it came back as before.

Which browser did you use ?

It came back up just like this. I even checked that IE was gone from my program files. Maybe I have to reboot for it to take effect.

Change your default browser put chrome it will load chrome not IE. Or you can just open chrome and type the exact same address shown in your address bar. Last I checked windows doesn’t allow you to uninstall IE so easy.

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