January 2023 Update from Storj

Storj places a high value on transparency, and we provide a number of resources to help the broader network understand the state of the network*. It is in this spirit that we are letting you know about some organizational changes, which will result in reducing our full time staff by 9 people, or about 12.5%.

2022 was an amazing year of growth for Storj, almost across the board. Our network and product made significant progress. In particular, we saw strong and consistent growth in customers, data, and revenue, while signing and announcing lighthouse customers and partners. Storj has maintained strong financials and a healthy runway.

In any normal environment, 2023—like 2022 —would be a year of bold investment. However, the external economic environment and broader crypto market are experiencing unprecedented challenges. And, as customers are using us for long term storage, we have an obligation to be more conservative in anticipating adverse conditions. Like many across the broader technology sector, therefore, we are making the painful decision to let some valued team members go. In addition, we are reducing other expenses, including our use of part-time staff and contractors. Individuals who are directly impacted have been notified, and we have worked hard to put in place generous separation packages. Nonetheless, we know that this is incredibly painful, both for those who are directly impacted and those who will remain at Storj. Better days lie ahead. All signs point to another year of significant network growth. This level of cuts will allow us to grow and provide excellent support and service for customers and node operators, while providing room to maneuver should economic conditions get worse in the coming months.

Ben Golub, CEO

*Storj provides published stats, code, documents to help our customers and community understand the state of the project.

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Is it possible to name them ? This is to convey our thanks to them if we interacted with them through the forum. It’s just to avoid a repeat of what we went through with Jocelyn. One day we figured out she was gone.


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a list as we have to be respectful of the people impacted and our legal responsibilities as an employer. The impacted individuals will have access to Storj email and the forum as Storjlings until Friday. Thank you.


Sad news. I would like to wish them a bright future.


I’m very sorry to hear this. We all appreciate the hard work all people at Storj have put into this. I hope all people affected by this will find a great new job/project to pour their talents into. Even without knowing the names, I’m sure you’ll be missed. And if anyone wants to say goodbye here, I’m sure the community would love to personally wish you well in your future endeavors.


To all the people affected: thanks for the hard work you have done in the project/company and I’m sure all the community hope you will find your next gig soon!!


This is painful. Wishing them good luck.


Thank you for providing this overview.