January 30: Please Update to Latest Release v0.31.12

Update to v0.31.12

Please update to latest release.

Maybe it is handy to add the release changelog here, or link to it?

How do I manually force an update?

Using Windows GUI.
One of my nodes is running 30.x already, the other one is on an older version, both Nodes have 99.9% uptime.

just restart update service


Thank you sir!

And fast response also!

just restart update service

Do I need to stop storj service first? Or only update service?

just reastart update service, all other work it make itself.


Thank you Vadim!

update service was not running and after update it seems to have stopped again…i don’t think i have seen this kind of behaviour before…

I have and confirm, update service has to be manually started after an update.


After the update I have almost no traffic only 10 percent is this correct this is started from 31 Jan 10:00

Has more people this problem

Can you explain how you came up with 10%?

I don’t think it’s related to the update, but the traffic definitely went down a lot yesterday.bw

Normal in have a average speed of 100mb traffic and now about 10mb speed traffic

Same here the traffic drop

I’m also seeing a large drop across all 5 of my nodes. Only usable mrtg I have is from a newer one with low amount of traffic, but the drop is pretty clear

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I see nothing wrong other then were a new month and they stopped testing a high amount of data.

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Ah, I see. I didn’t know the data holding up TBs of space right now is 90% test data :slight_smile: seems rather disproportionate

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Most of that test data was used to download from our nodes last month making it a really good month for SNOs so I cant complain.

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