January 5, 2020: All monthly SNO payouts for December are complete

December payouts are now complete

Hello! All payouts are sent. One payout has been sent per satellite to each payout address.

(For those folks who are new to the process, our payouts occurs within the first half of every month. So while the payment period is always consistent – first half of the month – the specific date within that period may ‘float’ from month-to-month. )

If you have feedback or questions about your specific payout, contact support@storj.io

As always, we very much value & appreciate our community – Happy New Year ! :fireworks:


There is contradicting info in the forum about what the current surge payout is. Is it still 5x for nodes who had contact with a satellite before July 2019 and 4x for everyone else? Or is it 4x and 3x for December and 3x and 2x in January like stated in the last announcement?

It’s exactly as the last announcement said, except they forgot to mention that nodes that existed prior to July 2019 still get 1X extra. So yes, for December these older nodes got 4X instead of the 3X mentioned there.

The payouts have finished? For some reason I only got 3… It would have probably been a really small amount anyway…

If you only got 3 payouts chances are you didnt get any data from the 4th Satellite

Ok, that is what I thought.

what is payment address for v2?

The v2 payments are called by 0x0035fa5cd07fa1c21dd79afad732fa6d60bf3551

You can use the Earnings calculator (Update 2019-12-20: v8.1.0 - Now with Uptime and Audit scores, Vetting progress and DQ indication!)
It will display what you should have gotten from each satellite and also show you if you’re disqualified on one sat.


so… these are the payments i recived for the last 3 months ! … is this right/normal ?

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You would need to run the earnings calculator script to know for sure, Its hard to tell just for the amount that you received if its normal or not without knowing how much engress you had and how much storage is used.


hi @SirRichardTheFirst I didnt realize we had nobility present :joy:

thanks for your post. Im curious, do you mind sharing how much space and bandwidth was used?

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Yes, got my first payment now from 4 satellites spread over four days.

:slight_smile:#iwish… but no … i mean … maybe i am … and i dont know it … :)… i mean… i could very well be … why not ? … what defines nobility? blood ?
meanwhile … 1 tb … and my internet is 1000/400mbps

yes… i should do it … but that is complicated. im just trying not to lose money and help the project! … if i see that is not “relevant” in a couple of months more i think ill have to “stop helping”. which is sad …but … fair!

You should press ctrl F5 so the dashboard loads properly.

great … so what is f5 for! …do nothing at all or just … entretainement¿ … ok ! then … even in this “reply form” … its all cached … my files wont refresh nor even with crt f5 … and before i click upload the file is already sent… really ?
…and thanks :slight_smile: