Join us for the Q2 2020 Storj Town Hall

Storj Town Hall


Town hall attendees will hear from Storj leaders, including: Ben Golub, our executive chairman; Katherine Johnson, general counsel and vice president of compliance and people ops; John Gleeson, vice president of operations; JT Olio, vice president of engineering; and also from myself, Jocelyn Matthews, community manager.

This town hall session will be a remote event, run as a connected viewing experience on YouTube. To participate live and chat in realtime, you can visit this page on April 22. Or, subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch on YouTube. After the event, the video will remain on YouTube to future viewings. We’ll be collecting your comments and questions to address in a separate Q&A event that’s focused solely on answering questions from the community.

During this town hall, we have a lot to cover. Our production launch and customer/partner traction are yielding great results and feedback. Topics for the meeting include:

  • Launch Update: We’ll be sharing details about our production launch results, customers and partners
  • Community: Highlights and direction for the coming year
  • Token Flows and Balances Report: A summary of our token usage
  • Product and Operations: Connectors, use cases, and the roadmap
  • Company Response to Covid-19: How we’re staying the course and what measures we’ve taken to keep the company healthy
  • Engineering Update: A live coding demo, showing how easy it is to get up to speed with Tardigrade

Due to the remote nature of this Town Hall, Q&A will be held as a separate event. We’re really excited about this new format!

If you have questions that you would like answered during the upcoming Q&A, please send them to so we can answer them during the Q&A meeting.

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Just a reminder that Town Hall will be coming tomorrow with exciting news, names and ideas!


Such a tease! :sweat_smile:

Hah, looking forward to it!

well if you want boring ideas instead, Im afraid we cannot be of asisstance. its nonstop fun at the Storj (virtual) HQ


but srsl here are a couple of things I think people will be very happy about

Almost time for Town Hall. Im very h
appy to say that we were able to get @jtolio to sit down and record a livecoding demo on tardigrade, for a little upload/download app in Go

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10 minutes to go!!!

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wonderful. thank you JT. I can also cut the demo into a separate vdieo and try uploading it to YouTube for reference. One small caveat is that YT doesnt like duplicate content, but I think I can probably manage something. Thanks again for the great demo :slight_smile:

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Here it is ! And also check out the new thread i split off, to discuss all things upload/download!


Some reason I missed the alert for when it went live but then I watched it, was an awesome presentation I can’t wait what else you guys introduce to storj so far im loving all the tech getting involved. I also loved that you guys are allowing people to apply that are working on research for covid-19 to be able to use storj as storage for them as well.


How about part two of the town hall? (answers to questions)

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Hi @Odmin I was just about to post here :slight_smile: there were a couple of recording issues, so Im having to pivot. I did get the scripted answers written out by the exec team and posted here: Town Hall Questions Q1 2020

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We needed to pivot the Q&A section Town Hall to a blog, as mentioned upthread. But @dylan and I did a rundown of our top 5 picks from Q&A along with some community news and shoutouts. there were a few hiccups with getting it posted, but since its stil thursday here in California time, we’re calling it a TT event

we’re looking forward to doing lots more live events with community engagement, as we iron out the processes of recording remote and synchronizing the media. around the world


Thanks a lot @jocelyn!
You always drive town hall like a charm and I gladly to listen to all on each town hall!