June 2021 Storj Labs Town Hall

Listen to our June 2021 Town Hall to learn about our latest achievements—including launching Storj DCS—and highlights of what to expect in the coming months. Find out the latest on our roadmap, and see what we’re up to regarding our DEI efforts. We also be review the Storj Token Flows and Balances Report, along with a summary of our token usage for Q2 2020.

Stream it from Storj DCS


I really appreciate the several moves towards more transparency. I’ll definitely be having a closer look at the disclosures page. But also the stats and DEI efforts are much appreciated. A project like Storj relies on community trust on both ends of the business model and this goes a long way to solidifying that trust!

I must say I do miss the live broadcast including Q&A. It was nice to have a moment to go through questions right away. I understand that written out responses later can go into more depth, but I also think you will just get far fewer questions like this.

I only really have one question. Can you elaborate a little more on the Reed Solomon changes? This was brushed over in the presentation, but I’d love to know what the changes were? It doesn’t seem most of the settings were changed as a lot of them were mentioned in the presentation and still seem to be the same. Maybe just repair threshold?

Ps. If you’re going to show search history terms in the browsers drop down, assume people will snoop. Might want to use incognito for videos to avoid that. :wink: I educated myself a little on Sarbanes-Oxley though.

I spotted one deliberate mistake:


Presumably this should be ‘Storage Nodes’ instead of ‘Node Operators’?

Edit - Where did this existing equipment figure come from, or how was it derived?



Are you serious, is that hosted and coming from YouTube, not from Storj DCS? :wink:


YouTube posts allow our channel subscribers to be alerted when videos go up

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I get that and I actually used youtube’s watch later feature to remind me to get back to this video when I had more time. But that shouldn’t stop you from cross posting it. It’s just an opportunity to show potential customers that the product works.

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I agree with you, just was shedding light

Yes, was the first thing I though as well…

Added the link to the file on Storj DCS in the original post.