June Payout Information has disappeared


I only launched a qnap docker arm based storage node since about 2 weeks.
It seemed to work perfectly - and the node was gradually accumulating a payout amount (small - about 0.17$).

Now it is July - and suddenly any reference to the June payout has disappeared - also the held amount is 0,00$. As far as can check (provided I have provided a correct payout address), there is also no payout to the address I had provided.

Has the June payout amount really disappeared - or will this be corrected over the coming few days as you have finished calculations?

Thank you for your perspective!

Best, Michaël

Hi @michb!

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is a known one.
The information did not disappear and the payout will be processed as expected. For this moment there is a delay in populating paystubs database with data from last month because payouts may take up to a few days to complete. We are working on displaying estimated payout information until real data is delayed. In nearest future changes will be implemented.

Have a nice day.


In the mean time you can use this to see your June results. The data is still there, this script can show it to you.

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Thanks for this reassuring message!
And sorry for being impatient… :wink:
Great work!
Best, Michaël


Node not show previus month payouds.

Last month i Noticed that node not shown me May payouts but April was Shown, this month now i see May payouts but no June payout information on Dashboard, so it olways not show previos month only.
Current month is shown OK. Node is Windows GUI 1.6.4

its a known issue… and a very annoying one… i’m sure it will get fixed soon… the payout information on the webdashboard is currently one of storj’s very active areas of development…

works like that for all of us i believe…
the issue i think is that the last month is no longest an estimation, because now it’s all going to be exact… the one you see for the current month is not 100% accurate but an estimate… when its added to payout it will be an exact not an estimate…

but yeah it would very much make sense just to let the estimate sit, for reference sake… but there was a lot of issues with the webdash and now it should start getting less confusing due to the introduction of beta testers, so that it will be much more streamlined when hitting the general public sno’s

Please look into this thread


this is my 2nd month.
I had 1 node and my last month I earn 0.52.
Yesterday we had a tropical cyclone and 24hours of blackout.
When I back update the node for v1.5.2 to v1.6.4 and change the node dashboard.
Now my month restart, ok, and my total earns is 0…
Why this happen ?

Hey @klebermagno,

Welcome to the forums. Your node is probably fine!
The dashboard only shows the current month by default. In the payout pages can show previous months after the payout data has been reported back to the node. This happens after payout has taken place. It can take up to 2 weeks.

I made a script you can use in the mean time to see the data for june as well. You can find it here: Earnings calculator (Update 2020-07-02: v9.3.0 - Now with score used for suspension and warning status if your node needs attention!)
But if you don’t feel like messing with that, just make sure your node is online and you’ll see your payout info pop up about halfway through the month on the web dashboard.

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