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Now I know that Storj compared to Mining is being utilized by actual users, but I’m wondering if others have noticed in dip of ingress and egress. I have 2 nodes running in 2 different locations and both have dipped at the same time, PS they are in different countries.
Included are pictures of the statistics. and yes both have good audits and uptime
Any ideas or just if the same thing is happening to you?


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albeit in spanish, and this:

both also attempt to address this concern. Seems like:

  1. You are not alone
  2. This is part of having real customers

I’ve gone from 6gb/day to about 1gb/day on a vetting node.

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Yep. It was about 1/4 today of what it was yesterday. Nothing wrong with your node, it’s just normal variation.
Also, it was a Sunday so maybe fewer professional outfits using the platform :slight_smile:

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Same here…

I believe such pattern shows that still most of the traffic is test traffic generated by Storjlabs.
When they change pattern to test something specific, all nodes are affected and see similarites in pattern change. It seems that Tardigrade is still in the very need of real customers, customers, customers.

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