Just another Earnings-Estimator

Hi Folks!

Based on the Idea and the awesome Earnings-Estimator by BrightSilence (https://forum.storj.io/t/realistic-earnings-estimator/) I have build a web-based Calculator.
You can enter your Data like in the Sheet but directly on the Website and you will receive your Results directly. The Calculator has not the Intention to be as precise as the Google-Sheet, it should just give a fast overall-estimation.
Please be aware that the estimator can only work with statistical data from the past. There is no guarantee that the network behaves the same way in the future.


Additionaly I have added some small Features:

  • The “Network-Parameters” like Rate of Egress, Rate of Deletion and so on are the ones from the Sheet but automatically added and updated by stats of my Storagenodes
  • You can Enter Your Initial costs of your Rig and your running costs (e.g. electricity) to calculate your Revenue after Costs.
  • Multiple Nodes: You can enter how much /24 Nets you have (the Calculator will take care of this in the Calculation)
  • The Calculator shows an average estimation about the Bandwith occupied by your Nodes in dependency of your overall Storage.

In the next steps I will add some graphical visualization of the Data.
I have created this calculator in the Process of upgrading my Node-Infrastructure :wink:
Its not perfect, there could be some Bugs, feel free to inform me in that case.
Have fun :wink: