Just recovered from a 32 hour internet outage - Did I miss the May payout for April?

The title says it all. What happens if your internet is out during node payment processing? Do you still get paid?

If you meet the minimum payment conditions for ERC20 L1 payment, or you have opted in to L2 then you might be paid, as long as no other anti payment conditions have tripped - being offline for 32 hours isn’t one of them :slight_smile:

Payment audit is handled by the satellites, and will be coordinated from it’s knowledge of your node and the ordered processed, this is then fed into something majic that works out the clever stuff and pays operators if due, else the amount rolls over to next month - you won’t loose payments due to you, Storj is not like that.


there will usually be a post on the forum when payment is completed.
but with the fees as they are right now… i’m not even sure i get paid :confused:
this month.

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