Just set up a node, dashboard says it’s “Offine”

So I set up a new node, external HDD, Windows host. Everything seems fine, but the dashboard shows the node is offline. It does show the “neighborhood” at about 400, and shows the bootstrap address, so I assume everything is connected to the internet, but I suspect something on the internet can’t contact my node first, without the node sending a connection out first. Anyways, when I first set it up it was 1:00 am so I thought “maybe it needs some time to get started”, but it’s been over a day now, so I feel it should be working if it’s going to work.
I guess I need some directions regarding troubleshooting.
I did forward the port 28967 on my router and opened it in the Windows firewall.
There weren’t any immediate errors given when I launched Docker or the container, but I didn’t look at any actual logs.

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