Just started Graceful exit on a satellite , it went to 34% and failed

Just starte Graceful exit on a satellite , it went to 34% and failed (got the Completion Receipt ). I would like to find out why it failed. any ideas on what to look for in the logs? Thank you !

Search for “graceful” and “failed” in your logs. It could explain a little bit.
Please, tell me which version of storagenode, also what is the type - Windows GUI or docker, and your NodeID.

Please, clarify, did you change any parameter for Graceful Exit?

Thank you for the reply. I’m running on Debian - docker , node id 1YywDRxnZachKteFMJqVDGhrAS8kUPUaXh7Ygqm4XVJpSfcttB , Node Version: v1.5.2 .
I haven’t made any changes in the parameter for Graceful Exit .
I have searched the logs for “graceful” and “failed” but i have a lot of errors " no route to host".

I thought it succeeds if you get a receipt. How can you get a receipt if it failed?


I think you recive a recipe regardless of the outcome (failed or successful).

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hmm interesting. thanks for the screenshot

I used the information provided in another thread about log inspection after graceful exit and manage to make this graph.
Does anyone have any idea why i have so many no route to host errors?
Could this lead to failed GE ?

Please, filter out all errors and upload the log to https://alpha.transfer.sh and post link here

hi , here is the log https://alpha.transfer.sh/yxN45/errors.log
Thank you !

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Created an internal issue to investigate. Please, keep your node online.

Very interesting, I also was under impression that if a receipt was generated that it was compelte.

No, the receipt is an encrypted and signed message of finishing of the process - failed or successful.

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I have a similar issue for two nodes connected at separate locations. Both disqualified on the 3 same satellites on June 19, with exit started on June 7th.

Gracefull exit went well on europe-west-1.tardigrade.io:7777 , but seems to fail with satellite.stefan-benten.de:7777 , asia-east-1.tardigrade.io:7777 and us-central-1.tardigrade.io:7777.

Audit is at 100% on both and uptime at 99,9% for faulty nodes
Nodes IDs are

I’m more a networking guy than system expert, how can I check the docker logs to have more details?


I think the firs step is to copy the logs from docker. if you get the new storagenode version the logs will be deleted.
You can do that with this : docker logs storagenode 2>&1 > output.log
Also i’m not a expert , please look here for more information related to logs Graceful Exit (log inspection)