Just started the node , but it's offline and I don't know what to do

   Just made node on a raspberry pi4 and the status is offline , any suggestions on what can I do?![storage node|690x388](upload://rXMu1mIQW6MRGvR7XxfQaBAMA1x.jpeg)

Hello @gabau_lex,
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Try to check everything from this checklist: My Node is OFFLINE for 2 hours

Thank you, good to be here
I think I have everything on the check list, the sizes of the 6 files are good , but in the logs I have this errors

020-01-07T10:29:36.889Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-07T10:44:46.042Z ERROR version Failed to do periodic version check: version control client error: Get https://version.storj.io: dial tcp: lookup version.storj.io on read udp> i/o timeout

and I think this is also a problem
020-01-06T22:47:04.063Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-06T22:50:29.086Z INFO Got a signal from the OS: “terminated”
2020-01-07T10:14:34.104Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml

Seems your DNS server on doesn’t work. Try to specify the or as your DNS server.

I am using noip , is that any good?

e ADDRESS=“agbdlcid.hopto.org:28967” \ you mean on this line on the docker run command?

No, the error states that your node could not resolve the address. To resolve addresses your node use DNS servers. Your local DNS server is not able to resolve addresses and your node can’t connect to satellites. Please, specify the or as your DNS server instead of
or configure it on your router

You can also add --dns= to the docker run command.

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Thank, I see some progress but still offline , now the logs only show
2020-01-07T14:14:38.533Z INFO Configuration loaded from: /app/config/config.yaml
2020-01-07T14:14:38.536Z INFO Operator email: gabriel.gindea90@gmail.com
2020-01-07T14:14:38.536Z INFO operator wallet: 0x5827d67A7A0958436c9b5908Bf6B589eFb46EC05
2020-01-07T14:14:39.351Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4
2020-01-07T14:14:39.450Z INFO db.migration Database Version {“version”: 28}
2020-01-07T14:14:40.195Z INFO contact:chore Storagenode contact chore starting up
2020-01-07T14:14:40.196Z INFO pieces:trashchore Storagenode TrashChore starting up
2020-01-07T14:14:40.199Z INFO Node 1wDSURgPHpYv57tAqQLNfJF7APXPhH6e4pSr2Nqs1cMzRgdZio started
2020-01-07T14:14:40.200Z INFO Public server started on [::]:28967
2020-01-07T14:14:40.200Z INFO Private server started on
2020-01-07T14:14:40.201Z INFO trust Scheduling next refresh {“after”: “4h20m9.959076604s”}
2020-01-07T14:14:40.200Z INFO bandwidth Performing bandwidth usage rollups
2020-01-07T14:14:40.270Z INFO piecestore:monitor Remaining Bandwidth {“bytes”: 20000000000000}
2020-01-07T14:14:40.370Z INFO version running on version v0.28.4

Let’s try again

Thank you very much for having patience with me, a total noob when it comes to these problems
Step 1. can’t find the Wan Ip in the router , but all of the devices have the same ip, so I’m presuming it’s ok
2. local Ip checks with the ip of my raspberry
3 ns lookup is good
4.The raspberry is otb and I don’t know if it has a firewall/or should I add rules on the router
5 the identity numbers check out

Any advice on my last answer?

The WAN IP you can find on the main page of your router. It could have a name “Status page” or similar. The WAN IP usually in the section related to connection to your ISP.
This IP must be the same as on https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ , otherwise port forwarding will not work.

To check a popular firewall use this command:

sudo ufw status

make sure that your ADDRESS option have the port too:

docker inspect storagenode -f "{{ .Config.Env }}" | grep -Po "ADDRESS=.*? "

This probably is a weird router, I cant see anything that says WAN or ISP in the menues

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I have some bad news for you. The IP you selected is the WAN IP for your router, but it’s a CGN IP. Your ISP uses Carrier-Grade NAT, which basically means that you don’t get your own publicly addressable IP. With this system it’s not possible to run a node since you can’t forward the port on your public IP to your node.

There are a few options, but they’re not great:

  1. Contact your ISP and ask for a publicly addressable IP address. (Disable CGN)
  2. Switch ISPs to one that gives you a public IP
  3. Use a VPN to run your node. This VPN must support port forwarding and you would have to forward the same port in the VPN settings as you do in your router.

I would consider the options in this order. Some ISPs can actually help you out if you contact them, but many probably won’t. I know that switching ISPs is a lot of hassle, but option 3 would add additional latency to every transfer and will impact your nodes performance.

Thank you very much Alexey and BrightSilence , my node is online now YAAAAAAAAAAYY.
After I contacted my ISP provider and asked them to disable the CGN everything worked, thank you both very much for your patience and advice.

Ahh that’s good to hear, glad they could help you out. Your ISP is scoring some points here. Mind sharing which ISP that is?

The supplier is Fastweb, from Italy, shitty bandwith with this one though, just used it for testing and learning purposes

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